Matchmaking at port of Antwerp: valuable steps towards industrial symbiosis

Posted on 19 Mar 2021

Port of Antwerp and the symbiosis team take valuable steps towards industrial symbiosis.

For over 20 material side streams, a more valuable, high-quality application was investigated in thematical working groups:

  • organic chemistry side streams from recycling and alternatives for waste-to-energy;
  • inorganic side streams;
  • waste water: re-use, recovery of nutrients and secondary resources for water treatment;
  • plastics.


Real effort and meaningful input of participants helped identify existing bottle necks and possible valorisations of 10 side streams. Interested parties agreed to explore further collaboration and pinpoint next steps, e.g. initiate relevant research, contact current buyers, implement and exchange specific technologies.

Case study:

For two side streams - sand from incineration bottom ash and dregded materials - the inorganic side streams working group looked for a more valuable application. As a result they proposed to further investigate the innovative application of these streams to produce bricks. Research will be conducted to understand the impact of water content and the leaching of heavy metals.

Next steps:

Inspired? Looking to explore your own (industrial) symbiosis opportunities? Looking for higher valorisation of your industrial side streams or for alternative resources? Browse the supply and demand on the Smartsymbiosis platform and login to participate.

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