Invest in South African solar panels

Posted on 20 Nov 2019

Do you wish to invest in solar energy with an annual return, but do you live in a country where the sun hardly shines through the clouds? Then Sun Exchange can be a solution. Via this platform you can invest in solar panels in countries where the sun shines, for an annual return.

Few solar panels

In many countries where there is a lot of sunlight, there is often a lack of financial resources to invest in solar panel installations. This is also the case in South Africa. Six years ago, the British Abraham Abraham moved to South Africa to work as a consultant in solar energy. Upon arrival, he noted that few solar panels were installed on the roofs. The South African government pays few subsidies, so few companies and schools are interested in investing in solar panels.

Already 14 installations

Cambridge started the Sun Exchange company through crowdfunding. Through that online platform, he offers potential foreign investors the opportunity to buy a solar cell at € 5.5 each. As soon as all solar cells of an installation have been sold, he places the solar panels on the roofs of companies or schools. Those who have invested in it receive monthly rent from Sun Exchange during the 20-year lease period. According to Cambridge, they receive about 10 percent of their total investment annually during those 20 years. These installations are a very cheap source of electricity for the South African schools and companies themselves. There are now solar panels on 14 different sites.

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