Henry van de Velde Award for Cleantech Flanders partner Smappee

Posted on 23 Nov 2020

The Belgian cleantech company Smappee, known for its solutions for greater energy efficiency, won the renowned Henry van de Velde Award 20-21 in the category "Business Innovation Award". 

The Business Innovation Award puts innovative appliances, installations and systems in the spotlight within a professional context. 

The Business Innovation Award was presented to 3 companies: Nobi and Aloxy Pulse also won. Nobi is a smart lamp that relieves care personnel by taking over a number of tasks from them, such as fall detection and pattern recognition.  Aloxy Pulse is a revolutionary wireless sensor that remotely monitors the position of valves and taps in petrochemical installations. 

Efficient charging for businesses

The EV Base is for companies that want to charge several electric cars of employees and visitors at the same time. There are two charging points per charging station with fixed charging cables for greater ease of use. Thanks to the integrated LED lighting, no additional lighting is required and safety on car parks is increased. 

30% lower cost price than other charging stations

The sleek design, the simple housing made of high-quality ecological materials and the quick installation make the cost price of the EV Base up to 30% lower than that of similar charging poles. Companies can get the most out of their EV Base thanks to three payment options and the ability to charge different rates. Priority charging is available for those who need to get to an appointment quickly, with some cars being charged faster than others.

Thanks to the integrated Smappee energy management technology, it can charge cars intelligently. It offers autonomous overload protection, optimised self-consumption and real-time visibility into charging costs. Thanks to this integration, users also gain insight into all other energy flows within their building.


Perfect balance between design and intelligence

Smappee wants to transform the charging station from a necessity to an added value for each car park. "This is a great moment in the history of Smappee," says Stefan Grosjean, CEO and founder of Smappee. "With the Smappee EV Base we are taking our expertise in energy management to the next level, in the world of electric vehicle charging. Smappee EV Base is equipped with our unique energy management technology and keeps the perfect balance between design and intelligence. It charges cars easily and safely while intelligently managing the building's energy flows. In addition, companies can fully adapt them to their brand. A real business card for any car park".

End-users who wish to have the Smappee EV Base installed at their premises can contact their authorised electrician or via Smappee Certified partners in Belgium. Electricians who want to include the smart charging station in their offer can go to evbase@smappee.com



image: https://www.smappee.com


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