G-STIC Climate Action Program contributes to international climate financing

Posted on 28 Jan 2022

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. To successfully achieve efforts to limit the rise of global temperature to 1.5 degrees and to ensure that humans and ecosystems are safe from the risks of climate change, mitigation technologies that effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions or eliminate greenhouse gases and both incremental and transformational adaptation must be accelerated and scaled up.

It is obvious that there is a considerable need for providing climate finance to the developing world. Flanders contributes to international climate financing, amongst others through the G-STIC Climate Action Program. The Climate Action Program by G-STIC has launched a successful call in 2021 in close collaboration with the government of Flanders, in specific the Department of Environment and with the support of Cleantech Flanders.

G-STIC Dubai 2022


Flanders has demonstrated for decades its ability to cope with environmental challenges and has developed a vast number of technologies in many industrial sectors and cleantech domains, ao. energy and energy efficiency, circular economy and water treatment. More and more organizations endorse the demand for sustainability and clean solutions.

Trailblazing Cleantech Heroes

To support their circular and sustainable initiatives, Cleantech Flanders has created the Cleantech Hero award, as one of their ways for promoting the implementation of clean technologies that accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. Cleantech Heroes BOSAQ, Turbulent Hydro and Thio Materials presented their cleantech innovations at the G-STIC conference in Dubai.

G-STIC Dubai 2022


G-STIC Dubai 2022

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