Fuel from CO2 in the air

Posted on 2 Dec 2019

Global CO2 emissions are not falling. That is why it is important to continue to focus on technologies to remove that CO2 from the atmosphere. In combination with hydrogen it is possible to produce petrol, diesel and jet fuel A (for aircraft) in this way.

Carbon neutral production of hydrogen

Since 2015, an installation has been operating in the Canadian province of British Columbia that converts CO2 from the air into fuel. Huge fans draw in air and the installation extracts the CO2. With the addition of hydrogen to that CO2, fuel such as petrol, diesel or jet fuel A is obtained. The production of hydrogen is ideally done in a carbon-neutral way, through nuclear or renewable energy.


Experts expect the price of fuel production to fall due to captured CO2. The current price for those fuels is currently even higher than fossil fuels. But unlike biofuel, an installation can literally be set up anywhere in the world to produce captured CO2 fuel. In practice, this would require a lot less transport of fuels. Finally, the US Navy plans to use its nuclear reactors in their ships to extract CO2 from the seawater to produce fuel for their aircraft.

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