Flanders boosts wind energy capacity

Posted on 17 Mar 2022

By replacing old wind turbines with newer ones that generate more energy and the additional construction of new wind turbines, the year 2021 was in many ways a successful year for wind energy in Flanders. Per square kilometer, Flanders now generates 100 kilowatt-hours of wind energy, good for a fourth place in the European Union.

Twice as much as in 2020

Because of the war in Ukraine, the energy transition to renewable energy sources is speeding up. Flanders is playing an important role in this, because not only are new wind turbines being added, but more efficient wind turbines are replacing older turbines, which means that the capacity is increasing without having to build more. However, additional wind turbines still cause legal struggles and delays. In Flanders there are now 628 wind turbines in total, good for 1,521 megawatts. Last year, new wind turbines added 150 megawatts, twice as much as in 2020.

Flemish action

Flemish Minister of Energy Zuhal Demir (N-VA) introduced a number of important measures to increase the capacity of wind energy. From 2023, the appeal body will disappear and it will be the Minister of the Environment who decides in the first instance whether or not to grant a permit for a windmill project. This should shorten the procedure by six months. In the meantime wind turbines actually have become profitable, so less subsidies are needed for the sector.

Source: De Tijd

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