The first climate-neutral continent!

Posted on 25 Nov 2020

Climate change and environmental degradation pose a threat to Europe and the world. To counteract this, the European Green Deal was born: a roadmap for making the EU economy sustainable and making the EU climate neutral by 2050. This means, among other things, that Europe wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and also stop pollution. With a total budget of €1 billion, the Green Deal Call is the biggest ever call within the European support programme Horizon 2020 (H2020). If everything goes according to plan, Europe would become the first climate-neutral continent in the world.  
Companies are invited to submit research and innovation project proposals around 8 key themes: 
1.    Raising the climate ambition 
2.    Clean, affordable and safe energy 
3.    Industry for a clean and circular economy 
4.    Energy and resource efficient buildings 
5.    Sustainable and smart mobility 
6.    From farmer to plate 
7.    Biodiversity and ecosystems 
8.    A non-toxic environment and no pollution 

Who can participate?

Consortia with partners from at least three EU Member States. Ideally, they should develop multidisciplinary projects with a view to achieving tangible results within 5 years. 

When to participate?  

All proposals must be submitted online by 26 January 2021.  

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