First Belgian (Bio)-LNG station in the port of Antwerp

Posted on 16 Sep 2020

Reducing CO2-emissions is possible with LNG and Bio-LNG as fuel for trucks. The Belgian G&V Energy Group, together with the Dutch market leader in LNG Rolande, has opened the first Belgian LNG filling station with the financial help of the European BIOLNG4U project promoting (Bio-)LNG as a fuel for road freight transport. The fact that this first Belgian station will be built in the port of Antwerp is an excellent location considering the traffic density. 

Much lower CO2 emissions

Within the framework of the BIOLNG4U project, both partners were able to count on a European subsidy of 50 % for their investment in the Port of Antwerp. The money comes from a European programme that, among other things, promotes environmentally friendly fuels that reduce harmful emissions from road transport. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an example of this and has been available as fuel for trucks since 2011. It is also possible to produce LNG (Bio-LNG) from biogas. LNG can already reduce CO2 emissions by up to 17 percent compared to diesel. And compared to diesel Euro 6, heavy goods road transport saves up to 99.8 percent in CO2 emissions with Bio-LNG. 


G&V Energy Group and Rolande joined forces for the Antwerp filling station. The G&V Energy Group is a Belgian growth company with more than 200 filling stations spread throughout the territory and is committed to sustainable solutions. Rolande is a pioneer and leader in LNG for our northern neighbors and is continuing to build its own European network of LNG stations. "Thanks to joint ventures and long-term partnerships with strategic partners such as Rolande, we have become a reference company in the sector in sustainability," says Xavier Dewulf, CEO of the G&V Energy Group. "We believe that transport can and should be greener and at the same time profitable. Because we manage the entire chain, provide European coverage and continue to develop, we really help our customers. In terms of sustainability, but also in terms of profitability," says CEO Jolon van der Schuit of Rolande.  


Joint Press Release G&V Energy Group and Rolande

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