Environmentally friendly end-of-year shopping

Posted on 26 Nov 2019

A survey of 1,500 American consumers by international consultancy Accenture shows that they are questioning the ecological footprint of their purchases, whether or not online. “Consumers are starting to think about sustainability,” Accenture says.

Increase in online sales by 14 percent

All economic indicators indicate that in the United States, end-of-year spending in November and December will increase by 3.8 to 4.2 percent, good for sales of a whopping $ 730.7 billion (€ 656.29 billion). Online sales are also heading for an astronomical figure, up 14 percent for $ 166.9 billion (€ 15.8 billion). Although American consumers are ordering abundantly, the results of the Accenture study show that they are aware of the ecological impact of their purchasing behavior.

Ecological footprint of different delivery methods

First observation: half of consumers would like to give a gift without wrapping it in wrapping paper first. Two-thirds have no problem if the gift is not wrapped. Half of the consumers surveyed can live with longer delivery times if this would have a positive effect on the environment. About 20 percent of the respondents want to know the ecological footprint of the different delivery methods. This allows them to consciously choose a method with a low ecological footprint. In addition, about half want to give second-hand clothing as a gift and 56 percent even want it as a gift.

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