Dutch solar route with 43 km of solar panels

Posted on 14 Apr 2020

Where can you still install large amounts of solar panels in the Netherlands? The plans for a solar route are on the table in the north of the country. 300 hectares of solar panels would be built on the (central) roadsides and on and off ramps of the A37 motorway.

500 football fields

In collaboration with an architectural firm, the province of Drenthe - where the solar route will be built - organized information evenings with three municipalities to provide the population with comprehensive information about the plans. The implantation along a motorway is a possible alternative in order not to have to take over large ground areas in this way. During the information evenings, residents learned that the solar panels will be spread over a length of 43 km along the highway between Hoogeveen and the German border. The solar panels come along the driveways and ramps, the side and the central reservations. A total of 300 hectares of solar panels, or the equivalent of the surface of 500 football fields. The generated energy could supply 30,000 to 60,000 households with electricity, but also businesses along the motorway.

Sound-absorbing wall with solar panels

It is not the first project with solar panels along a Dutch motorway. A soundproof wall with solar panels is located along the A50 motorway. It is a pilot project of 400 meters, intended to investigate whether this concept can be extended to other cities.


Source: PV Magazine

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