Cleantech, part of the solution to the energy crisis

Posted on 30 Sep 2022

May you live in interesting times, so goes a Chinese proverb. For many people and companies, current times are perhaps a little too interesting. Because the energy crisis hurts people, and not only in their wallet.

To cope with the crisis, we are currently confronted with a series of measures and proposals. A price cap for gas, skimming off the high profits of energy companies and a maximum price for clean electricity. Or measures ranging from the effective shutdown of factory production lines, temporary reductions on energy bills for citizens, financial support for companies, or energy savings by citizens and SME’s.

Sustainable technology as part of the solution

There is no simple miracle solution for the energy crisis, that is to a large extent a dependency crisis. The way out will appear a combination of several contributions or partial solutions and will consist of a combination of contributions and measures in the short and long term at all levels in society: (Flemish, federal and European) policy, industry, science and citizens. Sustainable technology, cleantech, is undeniably part of that solution for both businesses and citizens.

Cleantech solutions, such as solar panels and wind turbines, are commercially available for some time now. Others, such as large-scale battery storage, are more recent. Still others are being developed and not available yet. Currently, the implementation of solutions is hampered by disrupted supply chains, leading to delayed market penetration. At first this looks threatening and scary. Don’t let us become paralyzed by fear or by the crisis.

Keep investing in cleantech

It is clear that investments in cleantech and in sustainable innovation must continue unabated. Today, with a third funding round from the Innovation Fund, the EU is investing more than €1.8 billion in large-scale innovative clean technology projects. The grants are aimed at bringing breakthrough technologies to the market in energy-intensive industries, hydrogen, and the production of key components for energy storage and renewable energy. Flanders also contributes with both energy premiums and subsidies for innovation.

At Cleantech Flanders, we notice increased interest of investors in cleantech solutions. With the participation of Cleantech Flanders in the Cleantech Forum Europe from 8 to 10 November in nearby Brussels with a booth and a number of our partner companies, we offer you this unique opportunity to meet investors, network and pitch your cleantech solution.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Similar to the COVID-19 pandemic, this crisis also offers time for introspection, an opportunity for cleantech, and thus for reducing our energy dependence.

Frans Snijkers
Director Cleantech Flanders

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