Circular use of medical masks to combat scarcity

Posted on 27 Apr 2020


Personal protective equipment, such as face masks are currently of vital importance to the health sector in the fight against the corona virus. A clean technology that allows circular use of these materials and resources and which can be applied on a sufficiently large scale, is therefore required. Not only does it save costs, but more importantly, it counteracts the current scarcity.

Nadia Jansen, Peter van Eylen and an East Flemish lab developed a mobile container in which no less than 6,000 corona-resistant masks (FFP2 and FFP3) can be disinfected  dailyy. The invention of Jansen Cleanrooms (Zonhoven), GreenX (Houthalen-Helchteren) and Ecca was the first to be used by Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg.

GreenX has already demonstrated that equipment spaces and objects can be completely 'decontaminated' using their Phileas. The tests carried out by manager Peter Van Eylen to decontaminate scarce face masks and surgical gowns aproved successful. In order to make his application suitable for those in need, he joined forces with the Ecca laboratory in Merelbeke and with Jansen Cleanrooms, Nadia Jansen's Jansen Building Group division.

The result is the Clean Mask Decontamination Room, a mobile container in which face masks and textiles of health staff can be hung on hooks and subsequently fully disinfected. "In this way, we can prepare 6,000 face masks daily for reuse," says Peter van Eylen. "A quick, cheap and safe way to counteract the great scarcity".
The technology has been extensively tested and finally validated. Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg was the first to have 1,500 masks cleaned in the new installation. "Because the protective equipment is scarce, prices are skyrocketing", says general manager Nadia Vananroye. "That is why we are looking for flexible solutions, that are durable and affordable. Like this Clean Mask Decontamination Room." Many other organizations have already shown interest in the application.


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