Call for cleantech project proposals: GIST

Posted on 25 Nov 2020

Growing Industry through a Sustainability Transition 

GIST helps entrepreneurs to set up and finance FEED feasibility studies (FEED: Front-End Engineering Design). GIST stands for 'Growing Industry through a Sustainability Transition' and focuses on the transition to a clean process and manufacturing industry in the border region between the Netherlands and Flanders.  
The programme runs from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2021. During this period, companies in the process and manufacturing industry will have several opportunities to submit project proposals for FEED feasibility studies.  

Interreg, the Province of Limburg and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate 

GIST is made possible and financed by Interreg, the Province of Limburg (Belgium) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (the Netherlands). The coordination of the GIST project is in the hands of VITO/Cleantech Flanders, Clean Tech Delta and the municipality of Rotterdam.

Sixth and final call for project proposals 

GIST is again looking for project proposals that promote the efficient use of energy or raw materials based on innovative technologies, thereby contributing to a 'low carbon' or circular economy.  

Deadline 31 january 2021

Project proposals for this sixth and final call can be submitted between 1 December 2020 and 31 January 2021. Only companies established in Flanders or in the Dutch provinces of Zuid-Holland, Noord-Brabant, Limburg or Zeeland are eligible. 


FEED-light feasibility studies 

This is the last call within the project and this call focuses on FEED feasibility studies:

FEED feasibility study 

Process and manufacturing industry in Flanders or the Dutch provinces of Zuid-Holland, Noord-Brabant, Limburg or Zeeland 

Solving specific technical questions aimed at promoting the efficient use of energy or raw materials  

Duration of maximum 6 months (start of project no later than 1 April with a deadline of 1 October at the latest) 

Costs of the total feasibility study amount to between € 15,000 and € 80,000  

The GIST subsidy consists of a contribution of 50% for the costs of hiring external expertise for the feasibility study, this can amount to a maximum of € 40,000.  


Sign up and more information 

Interested? Go to for more information. Here you will also find the application form and our contact details. Before submitting your proposal, please examine the criteria and conditions set out in the GIST programme subsidy scheme.  
Proposals are assessed by an independent advisory board. This consists of experts working in industry and in knowledge organisations from relevant regions in the border region. Your project proposal will be assessed on the competencies of the implementer(s), the economic and ecological impact and the quality of the project plan. 
At the latest 7 weeks after the closing date of the call, a final decision will be made on whether to grant or reject the support. The FEED-light feasibility study must then be completed within 6 months. 

How was Act&Sorb's experience with GIST? 

Watch it here


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