Bentley is also taking a climate-neutral path

Posted on 14 Apr 2020

“We want to lead the way in delivering sustainable luxury mobility by offering our customers products and services that reflect their own values. We approach the ecological, social and economic impact of our company in a responsible manner. ”


Bentley Motors CEO in Crewe, UK is clear. Like any other car manufacturer, Bentley also develops measures to make its ecological contribution. Daimler had already indicated that it would produce completely carbon neutral within two decades. At Audi, the goal for carbon-neutral production in all their factories is already by 2030. At Volkswagen - which includes Bentley Motors - the end date is earlier in 2050. Now plans are already in place for Volkswagen to have 70 new electric cars on the road by 2028. market.

Carbon Trust

Last year, the Bentley Motors parking lot with 1,378 parking spaces received a roof with solar panels. They have a capacity of 2.7 megawatts. Bentley Motors had previously installed solar panels on a large part of the roofs in their enormous industrial area, which is 7.7 megawatts. This is sufficient for the supply of electricity to 1,750 households, but it provides the industrial Bentley site with the necessary energy. In addition, an internal carbon tax within the company allows Bentley Motors to purchase external carbon credits to offset the use of non-renewable energy or heat. That money then goes to Carbon Trust, a British company that advises producers and companies on the implementation of climate-neutral measures. Finally, Bentley Motors also purchases renewable energy through green energy contracts.

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