Antwerp Port Authority and the Flemish Waterways catch plastic waste

Posted on 26 Feb 2020

To clean up the plastic in the Antwerp docks and in the rivers, both the Antwerp Port Authority and the waterway manager De Vlaamse Waterweg work together with private partners to tackle this environmental problem using various methods.

Plastic catcher and vacuum cleaner

For example, the Dutch company Allseas supplies a plastic catcher to be used in the port of Antwerp. Wind, water and gravity ensure that the plastic from the dock water ends up in a receptacle with a mechanical arm. Once full, a faucet grabs the container from the water and carries the waste away. Starting this year, the Envisan company will deploy a large maneuverable vacuum cleaner that can suck plastic from the water from the banks.


Installations are also in operation on the Scheldt to remove plastic from the river water. For example, a small Seagro installation at Grimbergen sucks in plastic waste. DEME is again active with both a mobile and fixed installation. Artificial intelligence and cameras spot waste from the Temsebrug and send a vessel to pick up the waste. Now with crew, later fully autonomous. The permanent installation on the Scheldebrug Bornem-Temse collects waste that ends up in a kind of V-shaped trap via water flow. A floating collection platform then stacks the plastic waste.

Platform for innovative ideas

Many companies are currently working on solutions to remove plastic waste from water. But the port of Antwerp wants to go even further: “We are serious about the pollution of plastics. With these initiatives, we work on the removal of plastic waste, pellets and historical pollution. In addition, we have also started a whole program to prevent plastics from ending up in nature, ”says Erwin Verstraelen of the Port Authority. The intention is to bundle all original and innovative ideas within a platform.

source: Het Laatste Nieuws

© foto Port of Antwerp

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