500 New sustainable homes in Turnhout

Posted on 16 Sep 2020

In Turnhout there will be a new sustainable and green residential area. The residential project ‘ The Heizijde’ will have almost five hundred new residential units.

A combined heat and power plant and a heat network, connected to a new hospital, will provide the sustainable residential area with renewable energy. Never before has a residential district in Turnhout been so committed to sustainable living. The first construction works are scheduled to start this autumn. It will take several years before the entire project is realized.Heizijde will be a place where families with children can combine life in a city with a quiet,green and liveable environment. 

Heat and power plant

Sustainability is important in this ambitious housing project. The green zone that characterizes Heizijde will be mostly preserved. The district will be close to the new Turnhout hospital, which will open in 2027. This hospital will also have a sustainable character. For example, solar panels will be installed on the roof, which the residents of Heizijde will eventually be able to rent.
HITA, a company that focuses on geothermal heat, plans to build three to four geothermal power stations in Turnhout in the coming years, so that natural gas or heating oil will no longer be needed. The first power station will be located in Heizijde and will be connected to the new hospital. In the spring HITA already started with the first seismic measurements, which were analyzed at the beginning of July.

Neighborhood participation

Current and future residents will be actively involved in the new housing project. For example, there will be an urban agriculture initiative with a communal picking garden, an urban farm and a party room that can be rented by the local residents. Soon there will also be a competition to design a new playground.




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