2038 is the deadline for closing the German coal-fired power stations

Posted on 27 Feb 2020

All German nuclear power plants will be shut down by 2022. The government is looking for alternative sources of energy and, in the meantime, still needs to use coal-fired power stations. However, the Germans have a plan in place to shut down these plants by 2038 at the latest.

Not ambitious enough

Although less electricity has been generated in coal-fired power plants in Germany in recent years, coal is still the main source of energy. In 2017, the share of renewable energy in electricity production was about 38 percent. German environmental associations are calling on the government to speed up the closure of those coal-fired power stations. Although the disconnection of those coal-fired power stations may be high on the German political agenda, the plan that the government is now proposing is not ambitious enough, according to environmentalists.

Still new coal-fired power station

The German government's plan consists of two parts. On the one hand, there is the phased closure of the current coal-fired power stations, and on the other, financial compensation for the owners of those power stations and to absorb the impact of the transition in the regions. The deadline for closings is 2038, but the government sees an early exit in 2035 if the mid-term evaluations in 2026 and 2029 are better than expected. As compensation, the owners receive an amount of 4.35 billion euros, for the regions that is 40 billion euros. But the environmental movements have criticized both the proposed deadlines and the financial compensation. Especially the plans of the government to build a new coal-fired power station can count on little understanding.

Source: The Independent

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