12.5 million euros of subsidies for Flemish hydrogen projects

Posted on 19 Dec 2022

On 9 December 22, the Flemish government allocated no less than 12.49 million euros worth of subsidies to three hydrogen projects. An additional €1.14 million was allocated to a malting plant in Herent which uses parabolic mirrors to generate heat for their malt production.

Building a strong hydrogen economy

The subsidies came as part of the roll-out of the 'Flemish hydrogen vision European frontrunner through sustainable innovation'. Flemish Minister for Innovation Hilde Crevits presented the Flemish Hydrogen Vision on 13 November 2020, an ambitious plan by the Flemish government to be the "frontrunner" in hydrogen technology within European borders in order to "build a strong hydrogen economy". Not insignificant in today's energy and climate transition.

Colruyt builds 2 hydrogen filling stations

The largest subsidy went to the Etablissementen Franz Colruyt in Halle. With their BelgHyCo-HD project, the chain of supermarkets aims to be the first to ensure that hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles will drive on Belgian roads. The project involves the construction of two hydrogen filling stations, one on the site of Colruyt's logistics hub, and one in the port of Antwerp. Those filling stations will not only produce 1,200 kg of hydrogen per day, but will also store it so that heavy vehicles can fill up with hydrogen.

And the other initiatives are...

4.33 million euros has been allocated to Terranova Hydrogen at Evergem-Zelzate in East Flanders. Their project envisages the construction and integration of a 2.5 MWe electrolyser that will harness green electricity to produce green hydrogen. An accompanying network of pipelines and a compression and filling station are also planned. Nippon Gases Belgium is a producer of industrial and medical gases and one of the founders of Terranova Hydrogen. The electrolyser will allow this company to switch to green electricity.

Another subsidy of 2.7 million euros went to the Aertssen Group in Stabroek. This company operates internationally in construction, logistics, green energy and heavy equipment leasing. With the money, the Aertssen Group plans to build ten hydrogen filling stations to supply hydrogen to ten excavators with dual fuel engines. These energy-guzzling excavators have yet to be converted to allow for a 70%/30% diesel-to-hydrogen ratio.

Finally, Azteq bv received some 1.14 million euros in subsidies to build an installation of parabolic mirrors, generating no less than 2,945 kW. The aim is to generate heat for the industrial production of malt at the Boortmalt malting plant in Herent by heating thermal oil with sunlight.


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