Frequently Asked Questions

Cleantech, short for clean technology and often synonymous with ‘greentech’, is the collection of new technologies and/or related business models intended to provide solutions for global challenges, that are imposed by climate change, resource scarcity, energy dependence and historical environmental pollution, while offering competitive returns for those present in the value chain.

Cleantech Flanders is the contact point for Flemish cleantech companies. It informs on innovative cleantech developments,  seeks to match parties in the cleantech community and supports the internationalization of Flemish cleantech. CF is part of and powered by VITO, an independent Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. (  

One way of explaining cleantech is by using a so-called taxonomy. Using a list of terminology, domains and nested categories, it shows where a clean technology ‘fits’. This helps companies to understand their competitive assets and helps investors to understand the ‘sector’ and its sub-categories. It makes reporting in a consistent way possible. 

Cleantech is subject to the dynamics of innovation, resulting from continuous research and development efforts.  As a result , cleantech is continuously evolving and the used taxonomy should accommodate for continuous innovation in cleantech.

Flanders has adopted a cluster policy in order to stimulate collaborations among innovative companies and R&D institutions. Cleantech Flanders suggests to contact an appropriate Spearhead cluster (SPC) or Innovative company Network (IBN). 

For financial support, Cleantech Flanders refers to the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Enterpreneurship ( ), the European framework program, or other funding channels with this role. 

Become a partner. Companies can registration as a partner of CF, which is free. Make sure to provide a strong description of your cleantech products and services. Registered partners can easily be found on the CF website for matchmaking.

Every company or organization that provides or enables one or more innovative cleantech solutions can become a partner of Cleantech Flanders and be part of the wider CT-community.