Meet the Buyer - Södra

1 Sep 2021 - 31 Oct 2021

Södra is one of Sweden's largest forestry groups with a turnover of more than €2 Billion in 2020. The group’s forest raw materials are processed into paper and dissolving pulp, sawn timber, crosslaminated timber and other processed products for housing construction, energy products and raw material for liquid biofuels.

Södra is now looking for innovative and long-lasting solutions within energy and/or chemicals refining materials from the side streams from forestry and industries.

Meet the Buyer events offer interesting opportunities for your company to get in touch with the leading enterprises in a variety of business sectors. The event is invite-only and will give you the chance to have an individual one-to-one meeting with key decision-makers. Join the event, establish valuable collaborations, pitch your products and services, and discuss business partnerships that can fast-forward your company’s growth.

Deadline for applications: Friday 20 August 2021.

Online meetings between successful applicants and the Södra team:
September/October 2021

Discover the full buyer profile here

Date and time

1 Sep 2021 until 31 Oct 2021

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