Cleantech Hero

Pieter-Jan Provoost

“Energy”, “International” and “Business ecosystems” are the keywords that characterize Pieter-Jan “PJ” Provoost’s professional career. Since 2007, when PJ joined Agoria (the federation for the Belgian technology industry), he has been leading and developing an oil, gas & energy focused international business club, the “Energy Technology Club”. In 2016, he was appointed to coach Agoria’s business development team, consisting of 11 fantastic individuals.

In this new role he also helped to encourage technology start & scale ups to pursue international business development. This year, with the Energy Technology Club morphing into a multi-energy, multi-technology, multi-stakeholder initiative, most of PJ’s time is again dedicated to further growing this initiative.

An avid reader and music lover, PJ is also a proud promotor of the MyMachine Global Foundation, an extraordinary example of implementing and promoting creativity and entrepreneurship in education.

Pieter-Jan Provoost

Energy Technology Club Manager
Guest juror