Cleantech Hero


Which unique clean technology did you develop?

Smappee makes smart charging stations that enable truly intelligent charging for homes and businesses and for AC and DC charging. Thanks to Smappee's integrated smart energy management technology, all EV Line charging stations use dynamic load balancing. All energy flows from the building and to the car(s) remain balanced, so no overloads or blown fuses are possible.
This way, you can charge your car in complete safety and no expensive adjustments to the electrical connection are required. A charging station has a major impact on the total consumption of a home or business. This makes the use of renewable energy more important. Smappee therefore offers the possibility of maximising renewable energy throughout the day, both for the appliances at home and for charging the car.

In this way, self-sufficiency is optimised and costs are saved. Even when there is no solar energy available, Smappee will take into account the variable and capacity tariffs – soon available in Belgium - to charge cars with the cheapest energy and keep peaks under control. You can also add additional charging stations or other products from the Smappee ecosystem to your existing setup at any time. Thanks to automatic wireless updates, you never have to worry about outdated technology. Finally, the charging stations themselves are also durable with a minimalist design made from aluminium.

How does this technology contribute to a sustainable world?

Our products pave the way for the energy transition. Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy are central to this. Users gain insight how their energy is used and are given the means to control it. This way, one can use renewable energy optimally, e.g. by first charging the car, then the washing machine, then the AC with solar energy that would otherwise be lost to the grid. Or one can let these appliances work during off-peak hours -which anticipates the upcoming peak and variable tariffs.

Smappee is constantly innovating and preparing for the future with vehicle-to-grid, Smart Grid Ready devices, etc. As a globally active cleantech company headquartered in Harelbeke, founded by Flemish serial entrepreneur Stefan Grosjean - who previously developed EnergyICT into a world leader - Smappee can count as a cleantech ambassador. Smappee is housed in cleantech hub Snowball, which is equipped with state-of-the-art energy technology, operated by Smappee.

The hub participates in Belgian/Flemish/European projects, often together with Smappee, making knowledge, expertise and the living lab available to cleantech companies in order to accelerate innovation. In this way, Smappee contributes to achieving the SDGs (7) affordable and clean energy, (11) sustainable cities and communities, (13) climate action and (17) partnerships for these goals.

Smappee also partners with institutions for research projects and provides them with practical support through company visits, the Snowball living lab and lectures. Smappee is also in contact with Belgian trade organisations and supports events for their members in the framework of energy transition and electric mobility. In this way, we also receive valuable feedback for an even better product-market fit. Smappee also has regular informal contacts with the government at local and federal level to exchange knowledge and opinions on energy and mobility.