Act&Sorb develops unique durable commercial recycling solutions for hard to recycle or non-recyclable waste streams such as MDF. 

MDF is an extremely versatile wood product with countless applications: from kitchen cabinets, to laminate flooring and much more. Each year, over 70 million tons of new MDF is produced worldwide. With a lack of recycling options, manufacturing cut-offs and end-of-life MDF is incinerated or dumped as landfill. Act&Sorb’s groundbreaking recycling process creates value from bio-based MDF and helps furniture manufacturers and waste collectors contribute to the circular economy, and comply with increasingly stringent legislation.
Act&Sorb is the first company that developed a sustainable and value-adding process for recycling MDF. A process that turns one industry’s waste into the other’s raw material. Using a unique technology, MDF waste is converted into high value activated carbon that helps provide our planet with clean air, clean water and clean soil. 
As pollutants in our water, air and soil are impacting the planet, they’ve created a process that converts MDF into a high value material that helps make our world cleaner.

How Act&Sorb recycles MDF into high-value carbon

They collect production and end-of-life non-recyclable MDF waste. That waste is optimised through grinding, sieving and mixing and converted into activated carbon. The process is sustainable because non-recyclable MDF waste has been successfully converted into valuable activated carbon, it is fully self-sustaining and excess energy  $is re-used or converted into green energy.

Testimonial Kenny Vanreppelen – CEO 

Thanks to Cleantech Flanders we were connected with the Port of Rotterdam and other stakeholders, we were able to participate in the GIST-project, we met with key decision-makers and discussed business partnerships that fast-tracked our company’s growth. 


With the help of the GIST-project we where able to cross the valley of death and accelerate our company. At this moment, in-depth discussions are being held with different stakeholders to which we are connected to scale our solution to different locations.