About Cleantech Flanders

Our Mission

More and more companies and organizations endorse the demand for sustainability.
To (further) expand their circular and sustainable initiatives, they can contact Cleantech Flanders for information, inspiration and opportunities. After all, our mission is to promote and stimulate the implementation of clean technologies that accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

We know - We spread - We connect

We put this mission into practice in three ways:

  1. We inform you about the latest trends and evolutions in cleantech.
  2. We assist in the marketing of cleantech solutions abroad.
  3. We connect cleantech opportunities with like-minded large companies, SMEs and scale-ups.

Supported by VITO, and in collaboration with companies, research institutions, government bodies and civil society, Cleantech Flanders acts as a catalyst for innovation and implementation of cleantech in society.
We are active in various sectors, in multiple cleantech domains, including energy, materials, mobility and water.